Patient Testimonials

On this page you can find the testimonials of patients who have been cured of a number of varied conditions by Matthew Peters, In many cases the patient was cured of more than one condition. Click the name of the condition below to see the patients story.

Tracey Johnson

I was seen by Mr Matthew Peters at very short notice, in extreme pain with my back and down my leg. That morning I was unable to dress myself or put my shoes on. After a 45 minute treatment I was pain free.

I also had a problem with a pain in my arm that Matthew picked up and treated. The pain came from my neck. I find this amazing. It has changed my life so much for the better.

Stuart Gadd

Hi, my name is Stuart. I am 22 years old and from the age of 7 I have suffered with bad ankles and lower back pain. I was told by my doctor that there was not a lot they could do about it. So I just put up with the pain. I went to see Matthew Peters at Alva House who is an osteopath.

After the first session the pain in my ankles had gone and my back was a lot better. I also got hit by a car when I was about 20 years old. I had a very painful leg and a lump appeared. I had my back treatment which has now taken the pain away and the lump has gone down. If anyone is suffering back or ankle pain I suggest you give it a go.

Susan Evans

I am a 43 year old mother of two and work full time. I had been suffering with pain in my lower left side of my back and left ankle for over 8 months. I was having extreme difficulty in doing anything normal. I was having trouble walking, sitting, putting on my shoes even sleeping was very painful. I had been to see my GP many times and each time given a different kind of pain killer. I was feeling very fed up taking up to 6 tablets a day and still in pain.

I was recommended to Matthew Peters by my brother who had visited him. I was very sceptical but on my first visit and telling Matthew all my problems he was able to explain what my problem was and how he could help me. He explained that my back/hip problem was due to an old injury as a teenager. He said I would need between 3-4 sessions and I should notice a huge difference in the way I would feel and would be able to walk away pain free after his treatment. I wasn’t convinced after having one treatment I would feel any different at all but after so long with the pain I was willing to try anything. After my first visit I could not believe the difference. I actually stood up straight and was able to walk without the pain. This was a huge relief as this had not happened for a long time. I had another three sessions with Matthew and I can honestly say I walked away each time from his treatment pain free.

I am happy to say that my back and ankle are still feeling good and I would certainly recommend Matthew as he is true to his word ‘he will make me walk away pain free’. He has also enabled me to come off the tablets and start enjoying my day again.

Daniel Philips

I went to see Matthew four times. The first time I went to him I was in severe pain and left the clinic pain free. Matthew told me pain could come back which is why I had to have another three sessions which would complete my treatment. Once the four sessions were done I could feel no pain at all. My back was now in the position it should be.

Sam Marsh

My name is Sam Marsh and I injured my back many years ago in a motorbike crash. I am a bricklayer and twisted a bit funny one morning and my back ‘went’ and I could hardly walk. I found out about Matthew Peters from a friend and went to see him. Once he explained what had happened he went to work on my back. It was great to be able to walk out of his doors with no more pain just after one sitting. Now it has never been better. Thanks.

Alan Freeman

After suffering years of back pain, restrictions and discomfort, I came across Mr matthew Peters – a Registered Osteopath in Gravesend, Kent. Matthew’s technique and skill have totally transformed my day to day life and now enable me to do things which have been limited for quite some time. Instant pain relief. Well done Matthew !!

Debbie Brennan

After many years of constipation just one visit relieved this problem. It’s amazing how I walked in with a pain and then after treatment walked out without it. I haven’t experienced this anywhere else and will tell all my family and friends. Thank you

Des Decker

I am Matthew’s bank manager. He came to see me on a business matter and said ‘you suffer from a bad back’ which was quite true. He could tell by my posture. After four or five treatments I no longer have any back pain. I also suffered from a shocking pain in my left foot which apparently was due to my back problem again. I have suffered no recurrence since consulting Matthew.

Rod Embleton

I came to see Matthew a couple of years ago suffering with an extremely stiff and painful back. This was also causing me to suffer from aching knees, feet and groin muscles. My body generally ached from the moment I got out of bed until I got back to bed. And then it still ached! I couldn’t even tie my shoe laces without sitting down and pulling my foot up. I had been in this state for the last 15 years and I had accepted that this was a result of a sporting life. My condition was preventing me from getting more from my life and was even causing me to become irritable as a result. I had seen various physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths who had done very little for me other than keep me on expensive on-going programmes and exercises with no results, so it was with a certain sense of scepticism that I came to Matthew following a recommendation from a friend. My pain completely disappeared during my first session with Matthew and had been resolved within six sessions. That was fifteen years of pain gone and I don’t have to do any exercises or keep visiting Matthew every week or two, or even every year. I am free to carry on my training with weights, go running or whatever I choose. I really do have a new lease of life and feel better in just about every way.

Jason Stone (Mountaineer)

After having treatment for hip and hamstring pain for nearly a year with no results, I felt resigned to the fact that this complaint was with me for life. But when I was recommended to Matthew Peters by my colleagues, I found that within four sessions a noticeable improvement had been made. I am now, after more sessions, confident enough that I have booked a trip of a lifetime to climb Base Camp and above on Everest. I would never have considered this before this treatment.

Daniel Hooker (Martial artist)

I went to see Matthew because I kept getting a recurring shoulder injury that was seriously hampering my training. I had already had physio on it bit it just kept coming back. After a couple of sessions I was pain free. While I was at my first session I also mentioned that my Achilles tendon had been really sore for months and was preventing me from running. Matthew explained to me that they were both connected and I was amazed that after a couple of sessions I was pain free. I was able to run again as well as having my shoulder back to full strength.

Paul Jones (PGA golfer)

I came to see Matthew about lower back and knee pain. At his surgery I mentioned an ongoing problem with my hip for which I had had treatment from the Golf Tour physio and former Olympic squad physios with no success. “ the extreme pain I had experienced for 12 years disappeared” I was totally disillusioned and did not believe I would ever be free from the pain. I had also spent a fortune on treatments. After the first treatment with Matthew the extreme pain I had experienced for 12 years disappeared. Back and knee problems were also resolved and I have had no problems since. I have never had treatment as effective as this through my professional playing career.

Mark Freeman

I had a lot of problems with my hips and back. I went to several different physios and specialists to get treatment for my injuries and solve my problems. Whatever I had done it was never 100% sorted. Then I went to Matthew Peters to get treatment. I can say that he has found my problems with my hips and back and solved my aches and pains.

Adam Bailey

My name is Adam Bailey I have been going to see matthew for about 5 months because I had a bad back and knee pain. The cause of this pain was through a car accident in August 2006 and an accident down the gym in a competition. I was told of Alva House through a friend and thought that I needed to get my back pain sorted out so I booked an appointment. When I first had my consultation I was very happy with the hygiene of the practice room and the explanation from Matthew. He talked me through the ways of how I hurt my back and my knee which I thought was a separate thing but was all connected with my back. Matthew performed the procedure and it felt so much looser and pain free he explained that the stiffness will return a few days later and it did we went on doing a weekly visit now im going to see Matthew once every 12 weeks thats all i need now because I felt 100% better than before. Now I'm back down the gym doing things that I was unable to do before thank to Matthew I will 100% recomend Alva house to my family and friends.

Louie Slade

Every time I have gone to see Mr Peters in relation to my back aches/pains, I will always walk away without the pain that brought me to him in the first place. So long as you are honest in responding to the treatment then you will be pain free. Matthew will not be happy if you leave unsatisfied and always keeps going until I am fully happy with my progress. You can expect instant improvement from your first couple of sessions and effective long lasting pain relief from these and all following sessions. This includes muscular pain as well as that is also a major factor in relieving back and neck pain. My story is of particular interest as I went to see Mr Peters due to the whiplash I sustained in a car accident on the 17.09.07. During the first session I mentioned the severe pain I had in my right knee that I have suffered with for 5 years. Throughout this time professionals at the doctor’s and the hospital had put this down to a benign tumor. This had prevented me from playing football and such sports for all this time. I was surprised when Mr Peters became very concerned at such a suggestion and pointed out this was merely muscle pain resulting from spinal pressure on my back. After the first session the relief and instant removal of all pain in my back and my knee was incredible. I described this treatment as ‘a miracle’. So much for a tumor! Thank you Matt.

Jasbir Kanth

Ten years ago I had a very sharp pain in my left leg which made me feel very uncomfortable. I was screaming and crying about it to my family members. I went to my doctor and hospital to find a cure but they said that nothing could be done about it and the pain would stay for the rest of my life. I couldn’t work or cook and I was put on an indoor wheelchair until one of my friends recommended Matthew, an osteopath. When he started to treat me I felt much better than I felt when before I began to get treatment from him. The pain was about 95% gone and I could start to do things I enjoyed and get back to work and begin to cook. I appreciate the fact that Matthew gave me treatment which allowed me to do things that I couldn’t have done before getting treatment. It gave me another life.

Jill Philips

I have had bad pain in my knees for six years as though my knee caps were crumbling. I was told by doctors it is old age or arthristis or rheumatism. I also had bad backpain.

I went to see Matthew, on my first visit my knees were fantastic. I couldn't believe it ! I actually stepped up on to the treatment table with no pain at all - that was my first visit.

On my second visit I felt like a new woman (I am 70!) my back is brilliant as well. I would call him Mr Magic Man. I have been to many Osteopaths, but not one of them has been a touch on Matthew. I can truly say that I feel great, no pain whatsoever.

Sharon Turner-Fry

I am 50 years old and 26 years ago I had a car accident and 13 years ago a skiing accident. I experienced constant lower back pain and in latter years increased neck pain which coincided with attacks of vertigo.

I came to see Matthew Peters in September 2008 and received totally instant relief from pain in my neck, together with actual relief of discomfort in my injured knee from the ski accident, which came from my back. Mr Peters’ skills and attention have certainly made my life more comfortable and my body feels so much less tense as well as being able to move my neck properly from side to side. Freedom! Thank you.

William Tedham

I was having heart palpitations which lead to panic attacks. I had pain in my chest tingling down my left arm and felt very faint which was scary, so I went to A&E. I thought I was having a heart attack. The hospital linked me to machines. My heart rate was slightly fast. They took blood tests, took chest X-rays and told me everything was fine and I should take it easy and cut my alcohol intake down.

Two weeks later the same thing happened. I went back to the hospital, had heart monitors, blood tests, x-rays and was told there was nothing wrong with my heart. This was a huge relief but no explanation for what I was going through.

My mum has said for years that I needed my back sorting but I took no notice; she uses Matthew Peters Osteopath. She gave him a ring explained what I was going through and Matthew said it was quite a common thing and to come and see him. So that’s what I did.

Matthew said the panic attacks were due to my stomach being dragged back up through my diaphragm creating pressure around my chest giving that tight feeling and shortness of breath, which makes it feel like my heart is the problem.

My neck being a problem as well, this was causing headaches. I had heel pain in both feet which at times was so painful I could hardly stand. This was all due to a car crash I had ten years ago and because I left it so long it just got worse.

Matthew does my neck, back and pushes my stomach back down to where it should be. Now I feel like a different person, no heel pain and it doesn’t feel like I’m having a heart attack. When my back doesn’t feel right I go and see Matthew to put it right. I would recommend Matthew to anyone: he gave the answers the doctors couldn’t.

Thank you

Julie Sayer

I went to Matthew for a neck and shoulder problem that was causing me constant headaches. Not only did he help with this but also resolved a 20 year problem that I had with my ankle and lower back, both due to my pelvis being twisted after a car accident.

Within one session I no longer had pain in my ankle or back, pain which I had come to think of as being permanent, and after trips to several other osteopaths, something I would have to grin and bear. An unexpected and fantastic side effect to this treatment was the sudden stop of the very painful period pains that I had suffered for many years. From taking strong painkillers I have gone to taking none at all. I certainly wouldn’t have even thought of going to an osteopath for that!

Nigel Jennings

Six years ago while lifting up my 2 year old daughter I felt a terrible pain in my lower back which left me unable to work for two weeks. When I was able to see the doctor he said I had a lower disc injury and prescribed physiotherapy. Pain aside, there was no improvement in the six months I attended. Money was tight so I was unable to take a private route. I continued to have time off through back pain over the next four years until a severe attack had me unable to work yet again.

At this point I decided to seek further help and found Matthew Peters, an osteopath with a different technique and soothing way about him. I am now able to plan my future instead of waiting for the next attack. My discomfort, which was on a daily basis, has almost gone, my quality of life has improved dramatically and this is due solely to Matthew. I wouldn’t say he is a miracle worker, but he is without doubt the nearest to it I have seen or heard of. Take my advice and try his technique for yourself. It can only get better.

Sue Tolputt

I came to Matthew with a back problem which I had had for over 30 years having suffered a suspected slipped disc at the age of 9. Matthew believes that you should be as involved in the treatment as he is and each session is only over when both you and he are content that progress has been made.

He is thorough in his treatment and each session leaves me feeling looser and ‘unlocked’. Because of the length of time I’ve had my problem, there was no quick fix solution but with Matthew’s help I feel that at last there is light at the end of the tunnel.