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Sally Ann Peters

Osteopath, BSc Hons

Matthew Peters

Matthew Peters

Frank Peters

Matthew's Grandfather, Frank Peters

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Sally Ann Peters, Osteopath, BSc Hons

Sally Ann Peters graduated from the European School of Osteopathy in Maidstone, Kent.

Matthew Peters qualified from the European School of Osteopathy in 1990. He gained experience treating in private practices throughout Britain and France. Matthew established three practices in Kent but eventually focussed on the Alva House clinic from where he practises exclusively and consistently since 1993.

Matthew Peters, DO

Matthew was inspired to become an Osteopath by his Grandfather, Frank Martin Peters who himself qualified at the age of 65. He had been an innovative electronic engineer and rose to be a director of a number of companies including GEC. Frank was also the youngest ever fellow of the Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE) and was a founder member of the Worshipful Company of Scientific Instrument Makers On his retirement Frank chose to study Osteopathy at the Croydon School of Osteopathy

Matthew was a child when he was first exposed to the miracles Frank performed. Frank practiced from a clinic within his home in Sidcup where Matthew regularly observed patients passing to his treatment room, hunched and shuffling in pain, only to emerge walking freely and expressing gratitude and disbelief in equal measure. By the time Matthew was twelve he had decided that this was what he wanted to do. His Grandfather would give me anatomical charts and drawings to copy and memorise, he would then test my knowledge at their next meeting.

Frank would allow Matthew to observe his treatment sessions adorned in my own clinic coat, where he would explain what he saw and how to treat the condition. "The secret is in the pelvis, it is the sacro iliac joint that allows the body to resolve all complaints. It is the primary and essential skill of all manipulative therapies to successfully adjust these joints." A mantra espoused by John Wernhem, the recently deceased centenarian Osteopath who was last living link the father of Osteopathic technique, John Martin Littlejohn.

When Matthew was thirteen his Grandfather invited him to the seminars and AGM of the Institution of which he was principal, the Croydon School of Osteopathy. By the age of fourteen he had taught Matthew to adjust verterbral joints and more importantly the sacro iliac joint. In the days before formal recognition or regulation of the Osteopathic practice he alowed me to treat patients with their permission and his supervision. Matthew cannot begin to tell you the thrill of his first adjustment and the subsequent instant relief of pain felt by the patient.

To this day Matthew still finds the same intense satisfaction and fulfillment at relieving the extreme and long term suffering of a patient in an instant by the application of skilfull adjustments.

Jasmine Chapman M.Ost

Jasmine was first interested in Osteopathy when she was 17, after her mum suffered a back injury.  Seeing how osteopathy improved her mothers pain, it inspired Jasmine to learn these techniques so she could help others.

Jasmine studied a masters in osteopathy for four years at Swansea University, graduating with 1st class honours.  During her studies she has had experience of working in clinics within private healthcare and NHS setting, dealing with many patients suffering from chronic pain.

She provides an individualised treatment plan for each patient, based on each persons case history, observatory, palpatory and clinical findings. Jasmine looks at each person holistically, and aims to restore structure and function in the body.  She does this using a combination of different approaches, including manipulations, joint mobilisations, soft tissue techniques, visceral techniques (working on the abdomen to treat organs) and rehabilitation exercises, to name just a few.  Jasmine is very reassuring and is happy to answer any questions or concerns patients may have.  She feels it is very important to educate patients so they can understand their pain, and will provide advice when suitable so patients can have an active part in the management of  their condition. 

Jasmine also has a great interest in animals, having done dog training for several years.  She intends to study animal osteopathy next year alongside working at Alva House practice.